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What is Landsailing?
Zipping across the hard-packed beach or desert dry lake  in any one of an  assortment of wind-powered vehicles.    More specifically, a three wheeled metal frame or fiberglass body with a mast and a sail. 

Who does it?
Adventurers of all ages.  It is a great adventure for everyone. Speed can be a factor so we recommend waiting until children are a little older to start land sailing, or ride with an adult on a 2 seater.  Adults up into their eighties participate regularly in the sport!   Bring a DOT motorcycle helmet, goggles or full coverage sun glasses, and leather gloves to protect your hands (garden gloves, sailing gloves etc) if you have them!

Where do we sail?

El Mirage Dry Lake is the home "port" for the Wind Wizards.  We travel for events on other dry lakes in California and Nevada.  Some of our destinations are Superior Dry Lake (Barstow), Ivanpah Dry Lake  (Primm, NV), Smith Creek Dry Lake (Austin, NV), Blackrock Lake and others.  That said, you may want to connect with the groups for details on finding the camping area as some lakes are bit remote. Other  land sailing groups are across the Western US too.

We have 2 FaceBook groups you can check out. "Wind Wizards Land Sailing" is specific to this group.  "Land Sailing" is more general so you will find posts from around the US and Europe.

North American Land Sailing Association

We are affiliated with the North American Land Sailing Association, NALSA.  They are at  They have lots of additional information, including some links to great videos from our 2014 World Championship Event at Smith Creek Dry Lake, NV.  and more information!

El Mirage Off Highway Recreation Area:   75 Colusa St, El Mirage, CA.     (Near Adelanto, CA)
Daily, weekly and annual passes are available. More information at

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