2019 Calendar

Spring 2022 Land Sailing at El Mirage

April 16-17 Full Moon weekend

April 30/May New Moon so check the stars

May 7-8 Half moon weekend

Please be respectful of pandemic health concerns of others, and keep yer cooties to yourself.  

Everyone has a different situation these days, so with masks and physical distance as appropriate.  

Easy enough to do that with all the wide open spaces, just a reminder when visiting others at campsites.  THANKS

Follow us on Facebook "Wind Wizard Land Sailing" and follow the group  "Land Sailing" for the most current information on activity.

*** SCTA events for 2022: Please be aware of the SCTA schedule 

May 14-15

June 11-12

July 11

September 11

October 23

November 12

Check us out of Facebook

"Wind Wizards Land Sailing" for El Mirage, and "Land Sailing" for US and International.

If you would like to get out on the playa - please post on either of those groups to find out who may be heading to the playa.  

We love guests and getting people into the sport!

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